Fat Bikes, Ride Anywhere

Fat Bikes for Everyone!

Fat Bikes can ride anywhere! Get yours at High Gear Cyclery, NJ

Fat Bikes can ride anywhere, we have said that before but believe us, ANYWHERE. You run the large 4 or 5 inch tires at about 8 or so psi and that enables more rubber to the ground (more later on this). This gives Fat Bikes this ability to have a suspension like feel on a fully rigid bike! Whether you want to take it off drops on a wet trail or sand or even just commute in the snow, a Fat Bike is the killer one bike quiver for all conditions!

Surly's take on Fat Bikes is that it all starts with the tires. Big, fat tires, particularly run at low pressure so they flatten out a bit, provide more ground contact and better traction than any standard tire. It allows the tires to ride over the top of soft stuff. It’s the same way snowshoes work: spread the load out over more surface area and you stay mostly on top of the snow instead of sinking way down into it.

It’s this theory that drove the design of the Pugsley: a bike you can actually ride not just off road but where there is no road or trail, without tearing up the earth, without sinking into the snow, sand or loamy soil, and without having to get off and walk.

Fat Bikes can ride anywhere! Get yours at High Gear Cyclery, NJ

9:ZERO:7 Bikes was really born in February of 2004 at the Susitna 100 winter endurance race in Alaska. Pushing their "fat bikes" equipped with uber-wide 44mm Snowcat rims through the night, Bill Fleming and Jamey Stull forged a friendship that ultimately resulted in the founding of Chain Reaction Cycles in Anchorage, Alaska.

Taking their passion for winter cycling to the next level, they developed and produced the first aluminum fat bike, the 9:ZERO:7, named after the area code of Alaska. Bill and Jamey have expanded the operation, and have made it their goal to design and produce the best fat-tire bike frames, components, and gear for all the fat biking aficionados out there.

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