Tire Maintenance

Tire Maintenance

Tire Maintenance

It is extremely important to always have good tread on your bike tires. The tires grip the surface you are riding and give you control of your bike. When thinking of your tires you should always remember the following:

1. Never ride on bald tires
Less tread, less control. Bald tires may make you crash. This is more important for riders who are riding on ramps or trails. Note some riders will use a “slick” tire on their back wheel, but not in the front.  In certain conditions slick tires give more contact to pavement

2. Use a tire liner or thorn resistant tubes
If you are tired of replacing tubes and dealing with punctures, these products can help  eliminate most punctures .Note can make the bike a little heavy but sometimes worth it .

3. Use the proper tools
It is not recommended to use a screwdriver or any other sharp  object to remove your tire .
Use tire levers. This will lessen the chance of you damaging your tire.

4. Check your tire pressure
This is personal preference, but you should know that higher tire pressures will provide faster roll and result in less “pinch” flats But lower tires pressures offer you more grip. Use your judgment    Check the pressure at least once a week  using a good floor pump with a gauge because the air seeps out of your tubes very slowly over time. All tires have the recommended tire pressure marked on the side of the tire .      
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